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Unhappy Since puberty kicked in..

I have been thinking more about my appearance, my hobbies, my music and ofcourse my sexuality.. These are pretty much easy to handle but the appearance one is hard for me, i am not saying i am ugly or anything and i am fine with the way i look. recently i started messing with my hair (i am a guy btw) and i have grown it long'ish and its nice and straight and i wash it every day There is only one problem, i despise the colour of my hair, its really blonde and i want it to be darker but my mum wont let me because recently my friend went to hospital because of something that was in hair die.. This may sound stupid but it can really help with self confidence to change your look from time to time so if anyone can help me out or give me something to tell my mum i would be very pleased thanks! Andy.

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