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Unhappy Please help me :(

I am thirteen, almost fourteen, i am succesful at school and have a group of friends i hang out with.. I like having lots of friends and i am generally a happy person who enjoys making others feel good. But recently i have felt differently about it all, i am a guy who has never had a girl to love and care for, my friends like me for my sense of humor BUT do girls really want a guy with a sense of humor. I dont know if girls are physically attracted to me as i have never even tried, i am shy and emotional near girls (apart from the ones i hang about with who i can talk to about pretty much anything).

So all i am asking is for help, i want to know how i can get a girlfriend, how to become more outgoing..

(I will never self harm myself to get over the depression so dont bother telling me to, its wrong in my opinian)
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