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Originally Posted by nyyanks97 View Post
It seems as if I am not the only one.
Please point out where I've made the slightest hint that indicates no one can ever change my beliefs.

Originally Posted by nyyanks97 View Post
And I don't think the entire point of this thread is to convince other people to join a different religion, or at least I hope not.
The point of every debate is to go in with an open mind and if you are debating about something that you think is right and it turns out you're not, and you simply go 'I don't care if you're right nothing can change my belief hurr durr' what was the point of debating? If someone proved to me God is real and I sat back with my eyes and ears shut saying 'I don't care, I don't believe he exists' then there wasn't much point in me debating... at all.
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