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Default Re: Is this ocd or just normal?

Originally Posted by glacier View Post
Well I kinda forgot to post back on friday but uh yeah the doctor said that I have OCD and that the main way its manifesting itself is my handwriting because I make my handwriting perfect for me but when I think its perfect no one else can read it. He said that I need to work on handwriting the rest will be easy and to come back in 2-3 weeks to see how its gone and then will consult me to a specialist which is good news!
i'm surprised your gp was able to dx you. generally that has to be a pysch. i have ocd as well and it's tough, but possible. good luck with your battle. if your battle continues and anxiety gets really bad, you might want to try meds. i'm on meds now for all my conditions, ocd, tourettes, and autism. on my meds i do really well.
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