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Default Re: losing it completely

Well i havnt really told my parents about the voices, the seeing weird things, or the nightmares. They know i act strangely sometimes, since they have to step over me when im lying on the tiles starring or talking to myself, oblivious to everyone around me.
my parents are very niave so they put it off as being tired. Its hard to get through to them. I do try to tell them that its worse and that i feel out of control though. i told my mum that i am scared shitless last ight and started balling..

I dont even know what i have, but i post here beacause i hear and see things... which are what scares me the most. I was diagnosed with depression two yrs ago. I feel like thats gone, i feel different now. Im not sad or weighed down, just trying to hold on to reality and its scarring me.

Maybe its developed into something with psychotic symptoms? i dont know, i dont even think that ive seen the worst of it all yet.

How do i get through to people that can help me?
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