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Originally Posted by dannyl View Post
WTF muccous? muccous is snot! the stuff that comes out during periods is BLOOD (I'm a guy and even i know that, learned it in Biology) thats why sum ppl call it there monthly bleed! and it only ocours once not twice a month! I dont know what vaginal discharge is but i know that it isnt muccous! U wud b betta off askin girls in the puberty for girls!

Soz mate but i have 2, u wud get more answers

[request it to be moved to puberty for girls]

HAHAHAHA! Dude, thats called a Period. Mucous is just thick bodily fluid. In your nose, it dries up into boogers, and then...

but, vaginal discharge is any bodily fluid that comes out of the vaginal besides blood, or urine. It can sometimes be healthy, and sometimes dangerous. A lot of STI's have symptoms with Vaginal Discharge, but its also perfectly normal.
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