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Originally Posted by Cervantes View Post
Well, spirituality is something that is expressed through hundreds of different cultures. Its something that millions, if not billions of people experience. I like it because people can be expressive, and believe themselves to be open to the supernatural realm. Or what they personally believe to be there. I don't know. I like it. Its cool to hear people talk about being a hypersensitive, or see people talk about how it affects their life.
Very well put,friend.I don't like it how some people try to put others down saying the way they're spiritual is wrong and isn't right.It's like telling somebody how to live your life.I have no problem with peoples spiritual going about(or religious for that matter)as long as it doesn't affect someone else negatively.That is like abusing power in my view,saying that a God hates for you,but loves them and is on their side.

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