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Originally Posted by Bobby View Post
I see where you are coming from Ant..

But I think we all agree on one thing. Racism is bad.


Racism is actually, contrary to the popular belief, VERY GOOD! Now, many readers say, "omgz, he should be banned with that behavior!"

Definition of Race:

A group of people with common similarities (actions, physical characteristics, or thoughts, etc.)

and now, i will proudly say, that i am racist. yes, i am racist. This is one group that i am racist towards: NAMBLA. The North American Man-Boy Love Association. why am i racist towards them? well, only because grown men have sex with young boys and i am firmly against that. now, if you think i am a horrible person because of that, then you have some very weird problems to work out.

i can tell you right now, that i am not racist towards any ethnic group, i have good friends of many different ethnicities. Many people think that racism only means ethnic relation...but obviously, as i have explained, that racism can be meant for any group of people.

Theres that argument, now moving on...

Everyone says that white people dont need to have special days because every day is "white" day. That is not true. Every un-special day is just a normal day. Ever heard of the Holocaust? 70% of the people killed were white and many white people had to strive to survive, why dont we have a national White Survival Day? Or how about the Irish, Alex already stated that 95% of the Irish are white, and back in the 1800's, many of the Irish were murdered because of the potatoes. in the 1800's, potatoes became famined, and everyone blamed the Irish. Whites had to strive to survive, why dont we have White Survival Day?

If there were a white anything, millions of people would complain and say that its you know what is unfair? Having other ethnic group days, and not having equally important White days.

See, i know that other ethnic groups had to strive to survive, and that they had earned their 'special days'. But, Whites have earned it too. Letting other ethnic groups have days, and not whites is racist itself.
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