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i've thought of killing my older sister once but i quickly regret it.
i poisoned her drink with nicotine sulfur and acetone . We were arguing about something really stupid and i just wanted her to shut up. when she was doing homework the next night she asked me to get her some orange juice so i did. I wanted her to quickly die already. i waited and watch but she never took a sip. Suddenly she said she wanted to give me something for my birthday because she never gives me anything and im always baking her sweets and buying her clothes for her birthday. she handed me a teddy bear from her backpack. I felt like puking. i never thought she would bring that up. My birthday was a few weeks ago from that day. I was admiring the teddy bear until i noticed she was about to drink her orange juice. I knocked it out of her hand just in time. i still want to kill her but something tells me not too.
i love her but i hate her.
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