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Originally Posted by Dameon View Post
I get them in the lunch line at school!!!! I hate it! I even had one in the showers one time!
It was during P.E. and there was only three of us: the star quarterback,me, and some other dude.........
anyways because of the design of our locker room,
the showers are grouped in 4s
(they're adjacent and directly across from each other
it looks like this: ][ , just imagine two more on top)
So for some reason, I guess being naked in a room with
other guys looking at me, got me kinda aroused.
The wall seperating the showers on the same side is low so since he was in the one right next to me he could see everything !!!!!
I blushed and he just laughed. A little while later he whispered something to get my attention... ...he had one too!!!

He started grabbing my butt when the hall was crowded between classes. And even followed me to the bathroom. He tried to "get in my pants" more than once. Actually it was really creepy. Finally he graduated last year
I still to this day can't believe I got hit on by the STAR quarterback.
I wonder what the football team does in the locker room... .?

p.s. who in the HELL designs these locker rooms? The Fab-5? What goes through their head?

HAHAHAH that's halarious! well anyways i always get them HARD during french class. i just keep it pushed down till the end of class and then when i walk down the hall it goes away. today i got one in geology and i walked to get a pencil from my friend trying to hide it, hopefully noone noticed.

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