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Default Re: Racism

Wait why are we americans? Just because someone has dark-colored skin, does not mean they're african. You can't classify us as americans... I guess we're caucasian-americans? Or english-americans? Calling us americans and the rest african-americans, arab-americans, etc. makes them sound like they are only half american, aren't they as american as we are? If you live in America you are American, and as I said, calling someone an african-american can be considered prejudice, I called a dark-colored skin kid at my school an african-american, and he got pissed because he's not from Africa. To call someone african-American, unless you know of their heritage, is seemingly prejudice, as they could be from Jamaica or Brazil, or a myriad of other places. Just my opinion, but it makes us sound dominant by not having a prefix in front of american. We're the "Americans", but they're just the African-Americans or Mexican-Americans, they can go sulk in the shadows...

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