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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

I remember in elementary school I like both guys and girls but never really thought about it. I would get really turned on by multiple girls, but I also thought guys were really attractive too. I swim, and in the locker room I always tried to get a peak at other guys dick's. And because we were in elementary school, most of them changed naked, but I usually didn't because I didn't feel comfortable. Until one day I was at a swim meet and was with a bunch of boys I didn't know so I decided to go for it and I got completely naked. And remember I was still in elementary school-so around 9-10 years old. And I popped a huge boner the second I got naked. I was so turned on, and I didn't know why. I tried to hide it with my arm while putting my underwear on, but it didn't work and some people saw. But because we were young, no one really did or said anything, and they all just went on like normal.

I remember another time, I was in the locker room with this kid, and he would always get naked in front of me. So one time I went into the locker room and we were alone, and he got naked next to me and was talking, and I had just a shirt on. So I tried to put my boxers on, and pretended to lose balance and try to fall on him to try and feel his dick! He kinda freaked out a bit, but he still thought it was an accident! ;p I didn't get to feel it though.. haha.

It sounds so bad now that I think of it!

Anyways, my attraction for girls slowly started to fade throughout middle school, but I didn't want to accept it, and now I don't like girls at all, I think guys are so sexy!!! But I'm still in the closet... :/
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