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despite the fact that there were a ton of choices, i cant choose one. first of all, weed isnt bad. adderall abuse is bad, causes me weight loss,sleep loss (days with no sleep,etc) . i dont want to stop , as it helps me to pay attention (have prescription) , and wanting to stop would cause me to eventually stop and i dont want to stop. im not addicted to abusing it, cause i can take it as prescribed, ok maybe a little more (therapist once me to take the booster only once a week, i take it more than once, and today i snorted a booster and took 2 xrs ). i may still be addicted to it, the reason i dont abuse it everyday is cause i dont want to build tolerance, and i dont want to run out too soon ,as that would be a dead giveaway to my parents whats going on...

but adderall helps me too, i know a lot of things about subjects like math,etc. cause of adderall and has helped me get good grades before this past 6 week semester (which i failed for some reason).
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