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Default Simply stuck, and confused.

Alright, well I've been friends with my best friend for ~2 years now (it's a girl). We've been good friends for that long now... She has a boyfriend, but lately she's been acting somewhat weird. One day we were studying for a biology test and when I went up to leave, she said "your a bad boyfriend." Of course, I was confused and wasn't sure if I heard her correctly. Therefore I said "huh?" and she quickly thought of something to say as if she didn't want me to hear it. I was thinking maybe she accidentally said it. Then only a few days later I was texting her, and another girl texted me, so I texted to my best friend "sorry, Ashley texted me." And she texted back "Ashley? are you cheating on me?" Of course this could just be messing around, but lately shes a slight bit more "touchy feely" that normally, and playful. I'm not sure what to think, or what to even do. I might even be falling for her Any sugestions or advice?
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