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Originally Posted by SecretSalt View Post
My friend has that quote on her facebook.Js .

Anyways,I see no problem with believing in a God,and I have no real problem with religion.What I do have a problem with is when someone else forces their religion on others.I believe there is a God,but I also believe It most definitely doesn't want someone else forcing their view of It as some sort of hating the hating the gays,unwed,non believers of their god.I also don't like when religion uses the ol' carrot and stick.Why the fuck would an all loving creature punish a soul for eternity for making some bad mistakes that probably won't affect the whole universe or world for that matter.Why would It/He/She hate you for being gay or seeing god as another face?God is love,he/she/it is an energy,a creating energy,he/she/it is not a hating,destructible,or mean energy.He/She/It doesn't hate you,be you theist or atheist,/she/he/it loves you.
I don't think anyone is trying to be forceful on their religion here (mostly because the majority of people here are atheists). I am not trying to force Judaism on anyone and never will, but we are just arguing our points.

[QUOTE=Cervantes;1383821]Too bad. He's too busy promising himself false and opinionated salvation.

There's no use arguing with people like him. He firm on his belief, and feels all to be inferior and false when it comes to religion. Even though its all pointless because we are a speck in a place called nowhere.

You are correct, I will never change my belief no matter what anyone says. You may believe its pointless, but one of my favorite quotes I've heard is this:
"I am a speck of dust and God made the world for me."

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