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Originally Posted by Perseus View Post
I understand what you are saying. You just need to be aware of what you said.
Too bad. He's too busy promising himself false and opinionated salvation.

There's no use arguing with people like him. He firm on his belief, and feels all to be inferior and false when it comes to religion. Even though its all pointless because we are a speck in a place called nowhere.

We are nothing. We die. No one has special treatment after death. Religion is just a really complicated way of people expressing how scared they are of what'll happen after they die. There aren't any wrong things you do that changes things for you or your soul. Because after you die. That's it. You're gone. Always will be.

How hard is it to just enjoy life, and appreciate the one you're living, rather than worying about whatever celestial paradise you believe to be waiting for you?


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