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Exclamation losing it completely

arrrgh. i want to die right now!!!
i am so pissed off! i just got back from the psychiatrist and i dont go back for 2 wks cos i cant fit it in any other time. These voices are driving me nuts and my nightmares make it too hard to sleep, i have so much work to catch up on, i hear poloce cars tailing me whenever i am driving ( which are not there when i look) so i cant go out i fear that they will be there this time.

Last night i was convinced i had a brain tumour/ kinda still am. I asked mum to book me for a scan. she just told me im tired.

I am realising more and more that this dosnt stop when u tell ur doc about the voices. It will probably take months to find out whats wrong with me and by then itl be so bad that ill be lost forever or dead!!
i want it fixed now!!!! I want someone to take me away, to stay with me wen i am terrified!!

It really dosnt stop though does it??!!
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