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It's funny how you pick and chose what you decide to answer. I shouldn't be surprised though; that's a common theme in religious societies.

Originally Posted by nyyanks97 View Post
First off, yes I do know the story with Zimri. He didn't do this randomly. What happened was that Bilam said that Moabi women should go try to entice the Jewish men by making them do Avodah Zara and have sex with them. and those who did were put to death by stoning (b/c of Avodah Zara) and then hanged. They didn't do it randomly, and they were on a high spiritual level then. They also did make mistakes, but here is no was that we can compare them to people of today, it just isn't possible.
I'll repeat: Zimri had sex with her. I've heard all the reasoning behind it by the meforshim. Tell me, which one will you pick to justify this one? You relaying the story doesn't prove anything. The leader of a shevet, one of the 'highest level' people around at that time had sex with a random woman. Someone on such a high level shouldn't be making a mistake like that. Where I live NO ONE would EVER do something like that. And we're at the era of Ikvisa Dimishicha, supposedly the lowest level before the messiah. I'd say they're equal, if not on a higher level. Oh and thanks for also pointing out another thing they did wrong. they went around worshiping the Ba'al Zevuv, practically right after they got the Torah and heard God's voice. If any Jew now went through that, they wouldn't have gone off having sex with random women and serving idols. Go on, try and justify that.

You're just spitting out what your teachers taught you think-how the Jews then were on a higher level than now. You don't have any real, solid reasoning to prove that. I know what that's like; I've been there. But unlike you, I realized how brainwashed I was becoming.

Originally Posted by nyyanks97 View Post
Also, as I stated before, that may not have been exactly what happened. This is why we have to listen to the Mefarshim because they can help is relearn the laws that were taught to the Jews then, you can't just look at a translation.
And you wouldn't get killed immediately if you were Mechalel Shabbos. You would of course need to two witnesses and then to Bayt Din etc... And it is said that any Bayt Din that kills someone was highly unlikely, and they were cllaed a killing Bayt Din.
How do you know the meforshim aren't making stuff up? Hm? And it definitely doesn't help that they constantly contradict each other, but "they're all right," which makes it even more ridiculous. If one says the Jews were here, and the other says the Jews were there, one of them is wrong. Who are you, or they, to decide pieces of the Torah are literal and some aren't? Maybe the whole Torah was just a lesson to teach us how crazy people will go to feel secure about themselves and therefore create huge complex sets of laws that they call their religion. How do you know? How do the meforshim? Who says they actually have ruach hakodesh?? You need to learn to question things, things that you're not allowed to. You never thought it was weird how hard they teach you to question the chumash and navi and gemara, yet if you question a fundamental truth you are an apikores?

Oh goody, I wouldn't be killed immediately. Phew. That makes it ok to stone someone to death. And as a side note, is it ok that a women witness is worth half a man's? Because that's sexist. Our great friends the meforshim say that (among other crappy reasons) it's because women are wishy-washy, can easily be influenced, and are very forgetful. Don't you just love a steaming plate of cruelty with a side of sexism? Yummy.
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