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Default Re: PLZ give me advice on this one (privatestory)

Wow, get help NOW! We can't just go to your house and kick this guy's ass, I mean, I would if I could. But no matter what good deeds he has performed, call the police. Get him in trouble, I don't give a fuck if he gives you a million dollars every tuesday, he's fucking up your childhood, and what do they say? Something like childhood is supposed to be a time of joy and fun. Go have fun, you don't need this pedophile scaring you half to death. Living with fear and paranoia can be damaging to you not only emotionally but physically. Do you want to live your life in fear? Call the police. Send this guy to jail. Someone in your household has to do the right thing. Since this guy can't seem to realize he's doing anything wrong, your the one who has to step up and screw him over. Its up to you to save yourself. Your superman, and you have to save Clark Kent... You get me? You've already let this go to far, don't let it go any further. Please, call the police, at this point there's nothing else you can do. For all you know, next time you see him trying to reveal his "male part", he might force you down and rape you. You always have to be prepared for the worst, and when you can stop this possible act of evil from happening, you must, and in this case you can stop him before he goes to far. Don't let this go too far, or I promise you, with all my heart, you will regret it. I don't want to make you feel bad, I just want you to realize the cold hard truth. I don't think someone like you deserves to punished for doing nothing wrong, and in reality, by not calling the police, your punishing yourself, allowing harm to come to you. Don't let him violate you. Fuck him over by calling the cops on his ass. Call the cops, trust me, no one is going to say any different, no one is going to teleport to your house, shoot him to death, and along with his body, mysteriously disappear. CALL THE COPS!!!!!!

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