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Default Re: PLZ give me advice on this one (privatestory)

OH SHIT (im so sorry ppl and mods) but this is just... Im so UNCOMFORtable right now. oh shit.... look what happened an hour ago. My mom went away, and I was practicing my violin when my eye started hurting and I wanted to wash it. So the bathroom door was open and it looked as if nobody was there. When I ran in the bathroom, I was him, putting his pants very quickly, I kind of saw his (male part) but thanks god he didnt know that. Then he started talking very fast to me he said, "You know I just want to be comfortable, youre just scared. Youre scared to see my dick, here look at it". and I tried to pretend my eye REALLY hurts, and I started washing it with full speed and crying that something got in my eye. I than ran into my room, and he followed me, telling me the same thing. oh f***k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe it... Previously he was exoposing himself and masturbating with his door open. NOW hes trying me to look at his MALE PART!!!!!!!!! I feel so bad and tight now... oh shit
Im sorry, im really sorry, but if you would be in my place... i hope you will NEVER BE!

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