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Originally Posted by Angel_Androgynous View Post
Humans made up religion as an explanation for stuff that they couldn't explain. The end. Believe in it if you want.
Again, there is no way for you to prove your claim. I can prove that God exists every second of every day due to what is written in Torah. God wrote it (with Moses, some say), and He is in it. The reason God doesn't prove his existence like he did in the days of the Torah is because he doesn't need to, because he already had. For example, in the story of Egypt. It is said that when Moses was talking is talking to the Pharaoh, the Pharaoh had his magicians. They threw their staffs, and they turned into serpents. Moses' did the same, although his ate the others. When Moses split the red sea, that was God preforming the action through him. Why should he need to do this during your life to prove he exists?

Originally Posted by Perseus View Post
Why are there numerous religions explaining the same thing, then?
I do not understand what this has to do with anything. The Torah was written first, the other religions are based from it.

Originally Posted by Lilys View Post
Tell me, have you ever read through the Torah? Did you read about the rules about rape, slavery and the death penalty for the smallest crimes? Are you ok with all of them?
I am surprised that you are asking such a question if you have been in religious school our whole life and you don't know this. These laws cannot be defined like that today. When God gave the Torah to the Jews in the desert, Moses would teach it to them. They understood it perfectly because they were on such a high level of spiritually. Today, nobody is on the same level as them. This is why we need commentators on the the Torah like Rashi Ibn Ezra etc... They can help us understand what the Torah means, not by looking at the translation as we understand it now, but rather, they try to once again show us what the Laws are during the time the Torah was given.

Originally Posted by Perseus View Post
If nothing comes from nothing, where did God come from?
Who said nothing comes from nothing? That statement is ridiculous. (no offense )


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