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Originally Posted by CymruALloegrAmByth View Post
Most religions are indeed very similar,
Because they're based on each other.

Originally Posted by CymruALloegrAmByth View Post
The both of them believe in the Old Testament, however Jews do not believe that Christ was the Lord's son, as Christians do, but simply a messenger sent by God.
THey both follow the Old Testament because the early Christians were originally Jews. And they still considered themselves Jews as well. Also most Jews don't believe Jesus was a messenger from God. Most thought (and still think) that he's actually some crackpot heretic.

Originally Posted by CymruALloegrAmByth View Post
They both believe that one should live by the Ten Commandments, but the religion of Judaism has another 603 besides that. They have different customs, but they are very similar religions.
Jews believe in another 603 because there is another 603 written in the bible. If the Christians believed the bible was true, they should be following the other 603 as well. But they don't, for convenience.

You should know more about religion if you're going to debate about it.
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