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Yeah, kids at my school (despite the fact that my town is 80% Jewish, including me, although I consider myself atheist) go around making fun of jews. They draw swastikas, and pretend to worship Hitler, it bothers me, despite the fact that I really don't focus on my religion, it still pisses me off, because some of these people who are being racist are jews themselves, including one of my soon-to-be ex-friends. I think though, that we as whites give people reason to be racist against us. There are more of us, and a lot of those in power are racist, or only enrich people of their own social status, wealth, race, and religion. Bush is a perfect example, there is actually an organization trying to overthrow Bush claiming that the government with him in command is faith-based, which is illegal, i.e. Separation of Church and State, and he also shows more respect to those that are white and wealthy, as do other members of the administration. When role models, or people of "higher class" discriminate, followers or fans may do the same, or may be discriminated against for liking a prejudice person. A white insults a black, and he's the only white the black knows, the black is going to hate any white he sees, thinking the white is like the other white he knows. Its how society works, its how it worked, and its how it always will work. Sadly, there's no cure for prejudice, its just an epidemic thats very contagious, spreading hurt and shame across the world.

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