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Originally Posted by nyyanks97 View Post
You can believe in whatever you want, but to me, it is useless. I choose to believe in the Torah, it is my religion. And no, we didn't make religion up (religion being the Torah Old Testemant, Prophets (not gospels) and Scriptures
Tell me, have you ever read through the Torah? Did you read about the rules about rape, slavery and the death penalty for the smallest crimes? Are you ok with all of them?

And also do you know about or believe in Oral Law (called Torah she'baal peh)?

How much about Judaism do you really know?

Oh how do you know that the Jews actually traipsed through the desert, and were given the Torah? How do you know it's not a bunch of legends concocted by some tribes that developed in Israel? The Torah intertwines stories and lessons/laws, which is what many other civilizations' legends are like. How do you know what the Torah really is?

And if you're ever read the many books of Prophets, you'll know that right before a prophet prophesies, they have a sort of seizure. And the majority of them get their prophesies in dreams. That doesn't make it true. That means they possibly have a disorder or, at the very least, a very active imagination. I've been forced to spend countless hours reading all the Rabbinical authorities throughout the ages reasoning's on these texts. You can't imagine how many discrepancies in the text there are. For example, prophecies that never happen. Prophecies that literally can't happen.

Also: Angel Androgynous-exactly. My theory has always been that religion is the ultimate defense mechanism. It puts people's minds at ease.
And in response to another of your posts-some Jewish religious leaders believe that the world isn't actually 5,000 and something years old, but that's simply when civilization started. Their reasoning is that a day for god is probably a few hundred or so millenia for humans. Just putting that out there.

Maxxie-"In the beginning, Man created God." So perfect.
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