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Originally Posted by nyyanks97 View Post
Why does God need to prove his existence? He obviously does due to the Bible.
I will never, ever understand the logic you put into statements like this. Probably because you don't.

I'm not trying to be an asshole, but almost every religious person I've ever met has never actually taken a few minutes to think over the logical fallacies that have infested their brainwashed heads. They just go along with it, squandering their lives as sheep in a church; mindlessly listening to readings from a book that hasn't done any good for humanity for hundreds of years. The backwards logic of religion is one of the main factors that has created this boring, morally-based society we live in today. Religion is what keeps so many people intellectually and philosophically boxed-in, unwilling to consider concepts that are considered "bad". Religion, in too many cases, supports butting into the lives of completely innocent individuals to enforce arbitrary moral codes in their private activities. Thanks to religion and the ridiculously strict social conservatism it has spawned, nobody is willing to take any alternative philosophical and political viewpoints into consideration anymore.

I could go on all day, really.

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Yeah, I'd be depressed too if I listened to Chad Kroeger.
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