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1. what age did you begin puberty and how did you know you started?-about 9 years old i knew beacuse i had pubic hair

2. have you began growing pubic hair? if so, how much have you grown?-yess and medium amount

3. have your breasts started to grow? if so, how much have they grown?-yess and C cup

4. have you had your first period? if so at what age?-yes age 11

5. do you shave/trim your pubic hair? why/why not?-no im afraid i will cut myself

6. are you happy with your breast size?-nope

7. do you masturbate? if so, how do you masturbate?-yess i use a vibrater

8. are you happy with your body?-nope want my love handuls gone other than that im fine with it
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