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Default Re: Gay Bashing: HELP!!!

i'm shocked...i'm so sorry about what happened to you today...i don't know what to say, but life is so important, regarless of what you're feeling right now. i can only imagine how difficult this is for you. i've never been in this type of situation before, so i really can't relate too much. sexuality struggles are always difficult though..i'm bi and lots of people know, but it was so hard to come out about it to my friends and to come to terms with myself. before i accepted it, i went through spurs of depression and self hate; i tried to kill myself, more than once, and almost succeeded in doing so. then i met my amazing boyfriend. he has shown me that i do have worth and that people like me for who i am, not just for my sexuality. more importantly, he taught me that life is definately worth living. he has always been there for me through all of my struggles since we have been together. he is my support when i feel like i have none and he loves me for who i am. because of him, i have become the real me.

if you ever feel like you need someone to talk to, but no one happens to be there, you can pm or IM me at any time, or whenever you want to.

i wish you the best of luck

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