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Originally Posted by cosmos
i think that the people who are in the mental state to cut them selves probably dont give a damn about religious laws controlling their life
hmmm, well that offended me...

1. People don't necessarily need to be in a 'mental state' to self harm. Yes, quite often they do have a mental illness of some kind (eg: depression) but not always.
2. Generally speaking, they're not 'religious laws' intended to control your life, they're guidelines about how to live your life which are interpreted differently by different individuals.
2. I used to be a very strict christian a few years back. It may sound stupid but I recently became an atheist after a few close people died and I found no comfort in God like I had done previously. When I was very religious, it was a huge weight on my conscience to cut. I believed God wouldn't want me mutilating my body in any way but I couldn't stop myself.

So yes, I did give a damn about my beliefs and the christian faith and it was a constent battle with my conscience to be cutting. Hope you understand your own statement a little better now.

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