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Default Re: Non Self Harm Calendar!

Well.. This isn't self-harm but... First non-bingeing day! And day 1. I'm pretty happy I haven't eaten "normally" since anorexia. And my highs and lows weren't too horrible this time! So today's like... Almost disorder-free. Almost.

My mom on the other hand... I'm trying to disconnect myself from her. Her manic depression and the way she looks at me, like she either hates me or thinks I'm a hopeless nutcase... Anyway, dis-con-nect Day 1!

Keep it up, peeps <3 Kudos to y'all

EDIT: Day 0. I can't cope with my mother. I can't not care. I want my parents to die. I wish they gave birth to someone else. I wish I didn't exist. Changing my avatar. I'm too ugly to be seen.

"Never test the depth of water with both feet." - Some dude whose name I cannot remember

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