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Default So yeah.

Last night, i took ALOT of pills, no not the good kind either. felt so shit was just going to od and get myself into hospital, then i decided i didnt want to, made myself throw up twice, probably jsut in time.
then today, still felt crap, even worse actually. went to the coast, and to the big cliff. i stood/sat on the edge (past the safety fence) for like 20 mins, trying to decide whether i wanted to or not
one of my best mates rung me, i just started crying on the phone he was like whats up i had to tell him where i was, he came straight down and tried to talk me round, did a relaly good job i coulod tell it was messing with him too cos he was crying also
i was just going back, and some fucker calls the cops. they come over and take all my details and shit and get my mum down straight away
so yeah, mmm interesting at home now.
i was close to going.
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