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Originally Posted by janebennet View Post
Ok I feel really embarrased about posting these but i need some help. There are two stories.

OK first,

I have a twentyeight year old neighbour and he is always in his garden watching me out there. I went round his house for tea, because my mum knew we had sparked up a relationship. We sat on the couch and he came closer to me so i came in. So he looked at me and we kissed. So one thing led to another and soon we were naked on his bed ( we went upstairs) having oral and anal sex. I liked it alot, but am but am not sure what to do because I went round again a few days later and I ended up mastrubrating him and watching porn with him. He now looks at me and when my parents are out we have sex. I don't now what to do and am doing the right thing. Also he hits me when i first come thrugh the door.


My best friend came ver and we were wondering what it to have lesbian sex so we did. I have gone past the stage of curiosity, and have finished puberty ( I finished at a young age) I d not kno whether I am gay Please help.
And how old are you?

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