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Default Re: Shy/Nervous

I'm a guy (kinda obvious) so I'll give you an honest opinion. Like all of the other guys who posted I love women. And breasts. And girls. And breasts.

So don't worry about growing. Be proud that you will soon have COMPLETE POWER over all of the guys you meet. Honest, I've seen a guy staple his fingers together (he was fine, don't worry) because I girl he liked dared him to do it!

We're all nervous about changing (hey, I sure am! I can't keep the ladies off of me!... well... I can dream...) but IT'S GONNA HAPPEN, so don't be afraid what guys will think, cuz it's gonna be good, whatever they're thinking (I hope?). You biggest fear should be how jealous your friends are gonna be real soon! Doesn't that make you want to look forward to this!

Anyway, if anybody has problems (physically, or they want a guys opinion or want to know "what guys will think") about anything embarrasing, feel free to PM me and I'll answer you to the best of my ability, and could even start a thead for you to get other guys opinions (so they won't know its you, if you want to be THAT secretive!).

I hope this helped, and maybe got a few laughs? (I think I'm funny....
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