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Default Re: is my penis normal?

Yeah, what everyone has said is right. You only have to worry about anything if you foreskin WON'T pull back (even when you try to pull it back with your hand), and even if it can't go back (if its too small or attached somewhere;which is common) dont't worry unless it is very painful to pull on your foreskin; if thats the case, you'll need a doctor to preform surgery.

Oh, and don't worry if you need surgery, the doctor can do it in his office if he has to; it's that simple. He basically cuts the part that isn't supposed to be attached (on the underside) so that you remain uncut (unless you wnat to get circumsized, but if your not a baby it HURTS!).

This never happened to me (I'm cut) but I've got lots of info. Anybody can PM me if they have a REALLY embarrasing question, I won't judge you.
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