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Default Racism

i believe that our world is actually very racist towards white people. Sure, racism exists with other races, but whites are being more 'racist against' than a lot of people think. Everyone thinks that white people are racist towards everyone, but really, white people are deprived of a lot of things that other races have.

i have a lot of examples to back that up, but i want everyone else to explain their reasons first.

Now debate!

here are my rules for this forum.

-a racial slur will only be allowed if and only if it is not used as an insult, or directed as such. it has to be in quotes in order to be said, to ensure that it is not discriminatory.

-everyone has an opinion, if you disagree, give good reasons as to why.

-no behavior that is unacceptable (excessive insulting, harassment, or spamming) and if i see any then i will report it to Alex, formally known as redcar, one of the sites Administrators.

you may request more rules, and if i think that they are legit, then i will ad them to this list.
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