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Originally Posted by Emily_LOVES_MUSIC View Post
ok so here is the thing, i think i might have OCD. i dont know for sure, but i think i might. now i knw i should go to a pro for this...

...i talked to my friends and they said that i have OCD, but i should talk to a guidence counsolor when school starts bc my parents think nothing of this, but lets face it, school counsolors dont do sh*t. and they could careless as long as they get paid (that how it is in my district anyway)....
Yes, your guidance counselor can help, is supposed to help, if he/she wants to keep his/her job.

Originally Posted by Syvelocin View Post
We don't know you, we don't know if you have OCD.
Try seeing a professional, that's the most we can do.

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