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Exclamation Gay Bashing: HELP!!!

Right, I am a christian, and I believe that there is NOTHING wrong with bisexuals and homosexuals (how could I? I'm bi myself!). My freind at school who goes to my church is a real "holy Joe" and goes with every word the bible says. However, whenever I have casully dropped a hint about gays/Bis, he says that he reckons that God has nothing against them.

So I came out to him today after church, and he freaked out. he went crazy, and was all like: (and I quote) "you F*CKING FAGGOT!! get AWAY from me, you queer POOF!! Stay the f*ck AWAY from me, and my church, or i'll Bl**dy F*uckin' kill you, you Sh*t-eating FREAK!!"

The main problem is his dad is a bishop, and he's a Homophobe, and could ban me from church, but I really like my church, because (other that this) everything about it is pretty laid back and liberal, and I feel really comfortable there.

What can I do?

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