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Default Re: Help, i'm 15 and need help now

Originally Posted by RowanVer.3.0 View Post
Nothing wrong with 'graphic stories'. Regardless of how 'graphic' it is, any kind of writing is still art. It's nothing illegal or anything...

But yeah, screw them. There's nothing wrong with what you did.
Yes there is, you actually have to be a certain age just to read graphic novels (Depending on location).

Plus bringing that to school = HUGE NO-NO. As much as you'd like to think "omg the constitution can save us!", in a school environment, school has control.

My teachers told me during our school reading time, I had to stop reading my type of books because they were inappropriate. I was reading philosophy books on the thought of hell. One of them called "Dead or Damned" I see where my school was coming from (books were depressing to others, and just had an overall negative image) So I chose other literature for school.
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