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Default pain medication

I am on this pain medication for my foot that just had surgery.
and It makes me feel soo good like so relaxed and happy(im clinically depression),
and your not supposed to trake more the 2 a day.
but i really want to take more because if feel soo goood,
and i know it wouldn't be good to do that but its the first time in i can't remember how long that i have felt so happy and relaxed. it feels like im on drugs or something.
i can't remember what its called but its a very powerful pain killer, they use it on people with leukemia.
im also on this other stuff for axeity, and it makes me feel pretty good to,
i just took 2 of the pain meds for my foot and its so powerful that i can hardllly type i wish i could take like 100 of these every day i just feel so good.!!
well anyway umm i guess that wasn't really a question more like a rant or something idk but i just really weant to take another one uuuuuuuuhhhhhhh.

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