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Do you watch porn? yeah
-If yep do you jack off while doing this? yes --if yes foes it feel better than not watching porn? yes

Have you ever been caaught watchin porn?no -If yes were you wanking at this time?no

Have you ever watched porn with a friend? yes
=How did you find this (exciting etc.)? very arousing- -Did you get an erection while watchin with a m8? yes
---Was this emberasin? not really
----Did he get an erection? yes he did
-----Were you looking at is trousers to see if he did? if yer did this turn you on? yeah and yeah

If you watched with a m8 were u both naked/got naked?had everything off but boxers and they were down to my knees
-Did u both jack off? yes
--Were you watchin each other do this? yup
---Did you touch or wank each other? no i wanted to tho ----Did u wank till u came? yea

Are u anserin truthfully? yes

What type of porn do u watch? gay,

ave u eva watched gay porn? yes
-Did u jack off over this? yes

What is your favourate type of porn? gay

Do u watch on T.V. or the internet or magazines? all

Is this a waste of time? not really
-Should I shut up now?
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