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Default Re: voices, i told my doc

First of all, you did a great thing to be honest with your psychiatrist and yourself! You are now on the road to recovery and that's the best thing for you right now!! Of course you felt awkward...even scared or even like you made a stupid decision, but that's normal. Don't feel like you did a bad thing, because you didn't.

Your family reacts the way they do, because they love and care about you!! you are not insane, you just need to straighten out complex and confusing thoughts in your head.

your doctor is a doctor, because, he/she takes the job seriously...they won't take you any less serious than the first time they met you. your doctor truly and sincerely cares about you!!

please don't feel down and depressed. also know that you are never alone!! we are all here, a few keystrokes away from communicating our thoughts and support to you.

take care. and i hope that things get better for you
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