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Boognish you brought up a very very good point, the anti-psychatry movement led by RD Laing, a very very influencial psychologist, came up with the theory (along with Thomas Szasc) that Schizophrenia is part of developing someones identity.

The theory is something like, schizophrenia (and psychosis) is caused by a percieved "lose lose situation" such as no alternative, or escape. The minds reaction is that the identity of hte perosn was not strong enough to cope, so it trys to a form a new one.

Dreams tell us our desires, and dreams are very similiar to hallucinations. Having a dream about falling can say indicate someone is facing a losing situation. In comparison, a schizophrenic who hears voices, that tells him or her ot kill themself, is subconsciously wanting to kill themselves because their life has led them to a dead end. However some hallucinations turn into bizarre delusions, like aliens and paranoia - Sound familiar to dreams? The content is often bizarre in dreams, just as they are in hallucinations.

SO if people do have hallucinations and they are very common (not everyone who has hallucinations goes psychotic, or schizophrenic) - then that might indicate that they are a healthy 'wake up' call.

The person has faced a terrible situation and can't get out, the voices are the guide. Commonly hallucinations tell people to kill themselves, and alot of schizophrenic people do, that is one way out of a no win situation.

When people are hospitalised, they are doped full of medication and can barely remember to take their medication, let alone comprehend what the hallucinations are trying to indicate.

If someone faces hallucinations that are paranoid, perhaps this person has spent most of their life in fear, and this is a wake up call to start not fearing hte world.

The real world had become too hard to bear (and saddly this is the case with alot of people - schizophrenic or not) - and as a result they withdraw from friendships, and create a world of their own.

Now is psychatry heliping this situation, or turning it into a more 'managable' one. Afterall Anti-Psychotic medication, is otherwise known as 'heavy tranquilisers'

Anyway i find it to be a very interesting subject, and not alot is known about this mysterious illness that effects alot of people, and alot of people have suffered from it, and alot of people have put it too good use (for example John Nash)

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