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Unhappy voices, i told my doc


so yesterday was my appointment with my psychiatrist. i had written all my major symptoms that were bothering me and were not consistant with having depression (which is what i am being treated for). I gave the paper to her which she read. i ws sooo scared. i curled up into i tiney ball in the seat and shut my eyes hoping that id open them and be somewhere else.

She was sort of shocked since i guess i just (to her knowlege) decided to spill the beans. But then she didnt seem to be overly surprised either.. anyway i am now questioning whether or not i should have let her know at all.

I cant help wonder whether this is just me. I mean yes it does effect my life, but what if im wrong, what if what i think are voices arnt and are just 'my ears playing tricks on me' (as my mum would say)

I am very confused and apart from my psychiatrist this is the only other place where i have addmitted to having these problems. Of coarse my family are suspicious but they are the sort to wait until crisis point before anything is done.

I dont want to be labled as "insane" or be taken less seriously because ive now told my doctor, by her or my family or anyone else for that matter.

I know its not good to try and diagnose urself with anything, cos thats the docs job. But honestly i was expecting a bt more support or reassurance that itl all be ok from my doc yesterday, instead i was left (after spilling a large part of my gutz) with this feeling of being left hanging. Im guessing these things take a long time to diagnose, but i was so scared but went out on a limb anyway.

I hate feeling alone, and now i feel more alone than ever. My daily experiences scare the pants off me and i dont know how long i want to keep up in this waiting process... u put up with a wk of being by urself and alone just so u can get to the docs a the next wk, hoping for some sort of escape or release or even cure. Something! but instead ur left waiting another wk , and another and another...

Does it really take forever?
Anyone else had similar feelings when in the process of getting diagnosed?

Any advice or ressurance would be hugely appreciated!!
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