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well it depends, if the child grew up d's and e's aand had an iq of 101 and got out of college and became a bum. then 5 years later built a time machine retook an iq tes and scored 280 then yes. but your intelligence is usually born with. really smart, really slow, normalish. it can be developed yes, but treated? how would you treat that illness? watching toons for 3 months straight? well then sign me up. but i agree that illnesses should be let to go their course, unless the illness makes the person a threat. like the voices. if its having a convo with them or helping them with their home work what ever. that voice should not be killed, if a child developed scizophrenia and started hearing voices, and was put on meds and the voice died, that child might slip in depression similar to if a child lost his parents before his very eyes. or the child will develop more dangerous peoples to help bring back the old friend. most children i think go through scizophrenia, i.e. imaginary friends. but like kids, adults should be able to have these friends as much. to the child the voice is a person, a soul, not a chemical inbalance. therefore to the child or person when the meds take effect and kill the voice you the doctor just killed his/her best friend. but like is said if the voice is dangerous, kill it and help the child. if the child was tramatized by the voice getting rid of it might stop the creation of more and more social and mental problems. class is ending soon. got to end here

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