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Default Re: organic/natual food

Well i wouldn't call myself a hippie i would call myself a enviromentalist. i also really like meditating, just sitting in nature it talks back to you and it tells you of the troubles but it also tells you of the wonder and hope the world holds.
but i dont like the term hippie doesn't really describe me.
when i think of hippie i think of drugs sex and dread locks.
but anyway.
im working on a recycling project right now for a environment organization and im also starting a recycling website to get businesses to start recycling.
i also would like to start a hydrogen fuel site.
i know a bit about hydrogen and how it can be used to power vehicles.
but thats why i like organic food it helps the earth and you it makes you feel balanced instead of zoned out.
You could talk to your parents about eating healthier.
and you could bring school lunches.
school lunches are horrible for you.
anyway just a thought.
ps: i dont wear tye dye :p

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