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Default I had this bump-thing on the space above the penis, where all the hair is and stuff.

Yeah, it was like a pimple, but it was pretty big. When I took my boxers off, there would be blotches of blood where the bump was. I remember getting one just like it last Christmas, but there was this huge hair in it, and I plucked it out and it went away after a while. I was really freaked out by it, and then read in my health textbook that genital herpes has to do with bumps and outbreaks and stuff. You can't get herpes from masturbating, can you? Because I do that alot. I don't know how to analyze this.

Also, my balls have started to smell. I mean, after I take a shower and wash them really well, after some hours, they start to smell again. They've never done stuff like this. No one notices, but I do when I go to pee and stuff. Is this also puberty, or are my balls funky for no reason?
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