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Default Re: Demos vs. Repubs!

Originally Posted by MNHockey11 View Post
the soldiers volunteered for the army. They knew the risks before they decided to join the Army. you can still have sympathy, but if you don't want to get hurt on the battlefield, then dont join the army. I realize that they want to serve their country, but dieing is a risk that thy surpass by joining the army. It's still sad that they died, but it was their choice to take that risk.
They joined the army becuase they need to pay for college because the economic state of the United States kept their parents from having the ability to pay for over priced university educations. And it would help the "die for a cause" case if they were dying for a better cause than a fucked up health care and social security, where most of the wealth is owned by 1% of the population, where politics is run more like a buisness than the oil companies that support it, and the head of the country is a dim-wit who refuses to give the country what it wants. And also...they wouldnt be dying if it wasnt for fucked up intellegence. they would still be here, eating with their families, mothers, fathers, children, wives, fiances, girlfriends, best friends, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews and cousins, and everyone else a pointless war has taken a close relative and friend away from.

you can bomb the world to pieces
but you cant bomb it into peace

life is to short to make just on decision. musics to loud for just one station. love is to big for just one nation, and God is to big for just one religion

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