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i hope nobody posted this but:

a kid asking questions:
k: dad, is god black or white?
d: he is both son
K: dad, is god a boy or a girl?
d: he is both son
k: is god micheal jackson?

A valentines treat:

k: dad since we are jewish do you think god would be mad if i gave someone a valentine?

d: im sure he would be just fine, who do you want to give it to?

k: osama bin ladin.

d: why do you want to do that??

k: well if i give him one, more people might and he might come out and say how sorry he was for what he did.

d: *tear in eye cause of kids compasion* well son, im sure god would be happy if you gave him a valentine

k: yeah, then when he gets out in the open the marines can shoot the hell out of him

Email mistake

a man bob bobbinson was taking a trip to arizona. now he isnt very technolgically capable. he was sending his wife an email saying he landed safely. but acedentally sent the message to a widowed nun named bobinsing. well the nun had been common law married to a preist. the priest had recently died, the day before in fact. when she opened the mail she screamed and passed out. when she woke up she pointed a the computer and vowed to leave the house of god. the email read: hi hon, i made it safe and sound. no troubles, but its hot as hell down here....

Holy Water power:

a priest was walking along and he saw a kid playing with tarnish. the priest asked the kid, what are you doing? the kid replyed "playing with the most magical liquid in the world" the priest said, holy water is stronger, if rubbed on a pregnant woman the babe will be born with out defect or problems. the boy smiled and said, rub some of this on a cats behind and he'll have a motercycle.

Priest and the boys

a priest walked by a bunch of kids talking about sex. the priest asked them, what in gods name are you boys doing? the boys said, we're havin a contest, who can say the most outragous sex lie. the priest looked at them with a stern face and said, why are you doing that, why when i was your age i never thought of sex. the boys started jumping up and down screaming, you win you win.

thats all for now

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