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Angry I am tired of this.

Im sick of the death and drying
Im sick of the crying
Im sick of the hatred
Im sick of the abuse
Im sick of the violence
Im sick of everything
I can't stand it anymore
i just can't do this anymore
and from this day forward I am making a promise to never say anything mean or hatefull about anyone every again no matter what im never going to say anything negative about people again i am going to be nice to everyone no matter what.
i am tired of hearing people being yelled at im tired of people saying horrible things about other people im tired of this and im going to stop it.
and if no one else is going to do it i am going to,
even if people hurt and hate me i will be nice to them im sick of hearing the hatefullness im SICK of it and im going to never hate anything again ever
i am so tired of this.
i walk down the street and i can feel in my heart as the people walk by me the hate the anger.
i just dont see the point in hurting anyone anymore im never going to ever agian,
im sorry but i needed to get that out im SICK and TIRED of this i can feel the earths hate all around me every day i can feel the HATRED and i am not going to hate back i am going to fight hate with kindness.
i just needed to say that to someone
you dont have to post in this or anything i just needed someone to hear that because its eating me alive.

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