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Do u prefer guys 2 be (put an x nxt da 1s u choose)
Or other

Yes or no

Wud u dump him if he 4got ur birthday/anniversarry? Probably.
Wud u cheat on him if he got boring? No, I'd dump him.
Wud u dump him if he got borin? See above.
If he dumped u/cheated on u eud u seek revenge? Nope, I'd forget his ass
=Wud u get revenge by goin out with his best m8? Never.

Wat wud u do if he sed u turned him gay? (LOL) Tell him I'm glad I helped him find his true self. ha.

Wat do u luk 4 in a guy? In the words of the great Marilyn Monroe:::: "If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything."


Add me if you have one,
and let me know that you know me from VT.
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