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Back to the topic.

If mental illnesses are reactions (and usually are first diagnosed during a very stressfull period in life) does this mean that they are healthy reactions to unhealthy situations, and are a learning process. OR does it mean they need to be treated and resisted.

If psychology is completly wrong about hte issue, it could be that resisting these mental illnesses is denying someone a part of who they are meant to be. If a person hears voice, why should that be considered ill.

There are several different criteria for mental illness. Such as Failure to Function Adequatly and Statistical Infrequency.

Just think about Statistical infrequency, that means the behaviour which is define as abnormal isn't as common in society. But just because not everyone hears voices, or has to complete routine everyday to feel normal, does that mean they are abnormal?

Why should something that isn't so common be abnormal. Being a genius isn't considered being mentally ill, however alot of peopl do have that stereotype of the 'mad genius' like Einstein.

SO if being a genius isn't so common in society, should that be a mental illness?

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